Grason Cook

Grason Cook, No-Gi Grappling instructor.
No-Gi Grappling Instructor
Assistant BJJ Coach

Grason Cook is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Professor Geoff Balme, and he is now training under Jeff Piercy.  He trained BJJ for two years in Atlanta at G2 under Roberto “Spider” Traven before pausing his training for work and family life.

About 6 years ago, Grason moved to Apex, North Carolina, and about 6 years ago and walked into Apex Martial Arts Center to find out what we are about. He’s been here ever since.

When we re-opened after COVID, Grason volunteered to help us rebuild.  He worked so well with people that once we were fully operational, he was asked to instruct a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals class to help people new to the sport.

Grason breaks down the BJJ basics, so students don’t feel overwhelmed.  His class is a success, continually growing as he helps new students learn at their own pace, while overcoming their personal BJJ obstacles.

In his spare time, Grason enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, weightlifting, riding motorcycles and training BJJ.


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