Youth Kickboxing instills Kickboxing & Self-Defense skills. 



Youth Kickboxing Program

Youth Kickboxing is for ages 10-14.  Students participate in a structured, interactive program designed to teach them real kickboxing and self-defense skills.

Classes begin with a short warm-up, doing calisthenics and running laps.  After the warm-up, the instructor will demonstrate kickboxing combinations that students drill with a partner using Thai pads and boxing gloves.

Students will then put on their gear and participate in controlled, semi-contact sparring exercises to get a feel for using the techniques they learned against an active opponent.  At the end of each class, the instructor does an overview of lessons learned, while leading students in stretching exercises.

Students are regularly tested to make sure they are progressing and retaining knowledge.  Student achievement is acknowledged using a belt system.  Parents, please note that not everyone passes a promotion test, and we do not give participation awards.  A student must be able to demonstrate skill to earn a promotion.

The focus of our Youth Kickboxing program is to provide your child with kickboxing/self-defense skills and improved fitness, discipline, responsibility, respect, and humility.  We want them to achieve personal growth, success and the understanding that hard work does have its rewards.


Students are required to have – 

  • Hand wraps.
  • 12oz boxing gloves.
  • Shin guards with a foot guard.
  • Mouth guard.
  • Males are required to have an athletic cup.
  • Females are required to wear a padded sport bra.

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