An introduction to semi-contact Kickboxing & Muay Thai.


Level II Kickboxing

Our Level Two program introduces you to full-contact kickboxing.

This is where you’ll learn and practice the technical aspects of kickboxing with an active training partner.

We emphasize technique over power in this class, with the primary focus on showing you how to move, strike and defend effectively. 

Students train in a very controlled environment, using roughly 30% striking power and 100% technical skill. This allows students to learn the basics of full-contact kickboxing without incurring unnecessary damage in the process.

You’ll learn basic offensive attacks and drill them (punches, kicks, knees etc.) with your partner.  Students also learn and practice basic defense, including how to check kicks, parry teeps, block punches, judge distance etc., and how to counter each.

This relaxed, technical environment is designed to slow things down so your body can get used to movement with an active partner. We find it’s the best way to start full-contact kickboxing, instead of jumping into the deep end of training just to see if you can survive.

Students in our Level 2 program are required to participate in strength and conditioning classes that are focused on increasing striking power and overall flexibility.

This class is 1.5 hours in length, 3 days per week. Please see our schedule for class times.


This program requires a commitment to training.  We test each student before they may participate in this program. 

A student must consistently show proper technique, self-control, and enthusiasm while training in the beginner class.  If you want to test your skill to see if you are ready for Level 2, please speak with your instructor.


Students are required to have – 

  • Hand wraps.
  • 14oz boxing gloves.
  • Shin guards with a foot guard.
  • Mouth guard.
  • Males are required to have an athletic cup.
  • Females are required to wear a padded sport bra.

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