An introduction to semi-contact Kickboxing competition.


Level III Kickboxing

Our Level 3 program takes your training to the next level.

You’ll expand your skills, learning advanced Kickboxing and Muay Thai strikes and counters, and practice sweeps, clinch and elbows, as well as defensive fighting, cutting angles, head movement, and learning to judge distance.

We continue emphasizing technique over power in our Level 3 program; however, you’ll spar to test your skills and learn how to build your fight game.

Students will be expected to invest time outside of class to shadowbox and reinforce lessons learned in class and are expected to arrive early on training days to do bag work.

Students will also be required to participate in strength and conditioning classes that are focused on increasing striking power, overall flexibility and speed.

The focus of this class is to get you ready to compete in continuous fighting semi-contact point kickboxing tournaments (PKB’s), and eventually full-contact amateur fights.

This class is 1.5 hours in length, 5 days per week. Please see our schedule for class times.


This program requires a commitment to training.  We test each Level 2 Kickboxing student to make sure they consistently display solid fundamentals before they may participate in this program. 

If a student wants to test their skill to see if they are ready for Level 3, please ask your instructor.


Students are required to have – 

  • Hand wraps.
  • 16oz boxing gloves.
  • Shin guards with a foot guard.
  • Elbow pads.
  • Mouth guard.
  • Males are required to have an athletic cup.
  • Females are required to wear a padded sport bra.

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