Our Kickboxing training methodology is simple — we focus on fundamentals.



The Apex Martial Arts Center Kickboxing program includes a blend of American KickboxingMuay Thai and Boxing, similar to Dutch-Style Kickboxing.

Our instructors have taken their various personal martial arts training experiences to create a well-rounded and balanced kickboxing program that pulls the best elements of these striking arts into a powerful technique-driven discipline.


It is our philosophy that building strong fundamentals is the key to training success.  Until a student consistently displays strong kickboxing fundamentals, including a proper stance, clean striking technique (offense), a calm and controlled defense — and overall control, we refrain from progressing with additional advanced training techniques.

Some students can learn and apply kickboxing fundamentals quickly, while others need more time.  We also find new students who have learned different disciplines, such as TaekwondoKarateBoxing etc., sometimes have a hard time with kickboxing because previous training is so embedded in their brain that something as simple as a stance correction can take a long time to adjust.

When basic offensive and defensive skills become second nature, students’ progress through the skill levels.  We have students that prefer to learn kickboxing but not participate in full-contact kickboxing.  They learn the same technical skills, but our Cardio Kickboxing class is focused on a cardio workout and not a physical exchange.  The same technical skills apply, but the cardio kickboxing workout utilizes Thai pads, kicking shields and heavy bag training with partners.


Each month, we create a set of techniques that build upon the previous month’s lessons.  We drill them until every student can comfortably execute them without pause.

As we incorporate offense combinations, we add defensive counters, so that students learn both the offensive attack and defensive counters.

The last week of each month, we review the entire months’ worth of lessons and provide feedback to students to let them know their strengths and the areas which they need to improve.

Every quarter, we review the collective quarterly lessons to reinforce lessons learned.

We find that this approach allows each student to learn and retain skill and knowledge at a comfortable pace.

Try a free trial class today and learn kickboxing fundamentals that you can build upon.

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