Hands, Elbows, Knees and Shins. The Art of Eight Limbs.


Muay Thai

Our striking program blends American Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, and Boxing into an effective and efficient martial art.  Our experienced instructors combine techniques from each discipline to offer the ultimate striking experience.


For a more detailed explanation of each program, please visit our Kickboxing page. Here is a brief overview of our program structure:

Level 1 (Beginner) Kickboxing: In this class, students learn the basics of striking using a Muay Thai stance and Thai Boxing techniques. The focus is on developing a strong foundation in striking fundamentals without incorporating knees, elbows, or sweeps. Students practice these basics with a partner using boxing gloves and Thai pads in a no-contact environment.

Level 2 Kickboxing: Building on the basics learned in Level 1, Level 2 introduces knees and clinch techniques. Defensive skills and basic sparring drills are also introduced, marking the transition to semi-contact training. This level strengthens the foundational skills and prepares students for more advanced techniques.

Level 3 Kickboxing: Students in Level 3 advance to learning more complex knee strikes and clinch techniques, as well as sweeps and elbow strikes. Sparring becomes a requirement, and students also participate in strength and conditioning classes to prepare for semi-contact competitions. This level is designed to test and refine students’ skills in a more competitive setting.

Level 4 Kickboxing: At this level, students train in advanced Muay Thai techniques, including frequent drilling of knees, sweeps, and elbows. Full-contact sparring is mandatory, and students are prepared to compete in amateur and professional Kickboxing and Muay Thai events. This rigorous training program aims to equip students with the skills needed to excel in high-level competitions.

We invite you to experience our structured and supportive training environment. Join us and take the first step towards mastering Kickboxing and Muay Thai!

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