We blend the best elements of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai for a complete striking program.



Kickboxing isn’t just a martial art to us – it’s our passion!  With several different, exciting and fun kickboxing programs for Cary residents from which to choose, we have something for just about everyone – from ages 6 and up and at any skill level. We’re just a 20-minute drive from Cary to experience the best Kickboxing and Muay Thai instruction in the area.

Our program combines Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai martial arts, providing the ultimate set of skills for the striking arts.

You’ll learn the Art of Eight Limbs (fists, elbows, knees & shins).  We teach the Muay Thai stance and strikes and include American Kickboxing skills such as spinning back kicks, axe kicks and heel kicks.  We add traditional Boxing skills, including head movement, footwork, cutting angles etc.  This “Dutch-Style” approach combines aspects of each discipline to give students a well-rounded training program.


We believe in a “Team” approach to training.  Higher level students work with students new to the sport of Kickboxing and Muay Thai to raise the skill level of the entire team.  

Our multiple levels of Kickboxing provides every student with the same techniques our fight team utilizes, but at varying comfort levels.  No matter which program you participate in, you’ll learn authentic striking skills.

Cary, you can learn more about each program below and register for a free trial class to experience this awesome martial art.  

All you need for your first class is to wear comfortable clothing and have the desire to learn new skills.  We’ll provide the rest!

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Level I

(Beginner/Cardio Kickboxing)

The beginner program teaches you the basics of kickboxing.

You’ll learn a proper stance and the technical aspects of kicking and punching.

Working with a partner, you drill combinations using gloves and Thai pads.

This is a no-contact class.  

Level II

(Intro to Semi-Contact)

Our Level 2 program is an introduction to the technical aspects of kickboxing with an active partner.

Wearing full gear, you’ll work on back-and-forth drills, learning how to strike, counter strike and work your defense effectively.

We emphasize controlled contact with each student striking at 30% power.

Level III

(Semi-Contact Competition)

Level 3 class is for students that want to compete in semi-contact (PKB) tournaments.

You’ll learn advanced offensive and defensive fighting, clinch, sweeps, elbows etc.  You’ll participate in regular technical sparring sessions, focusing on scoring strikes, rather than power shots.

Level IV

(Full-Contact Fight Team)

This is our most advanced program that prepares our fight team for competition.

Fighters train 6 days per week and must attend strength and conditioning classes 3 times per week, as well as adhere to a nutrition plan.

This is for serious athletes that want to compete in full contact Kickboxing.


(No Contact)

Cardio Kickboxing will kick-start your fitness goals with an awesome aerobic workout.

You’ll learn authentic Muay Thai while increasing your endurance, burning fat, toning muscle, and gaining flexibility. Most of all — you’ll have a BLAST!

Try a free class and meet like-minded people who want a different kind of workout that maximizes cardio training benefits.

Youth Kickboxing

(Ages 10-14)

Our Youth Kickboxing program increases confidence, strength, stamina, coordination & focus.

Students get full-body exercise while learning self-defense skills.

Kids Kickboxing

(Ages 6-9)

Our Kids Kickboxing program teaches basic kickboxing and self-defense – as well as focus, discipline, respect, patience & humility.

Children that learn martial arts at a young age will carry that knowledge for the rest of their life.  


Learn Martial Arts

Invest in yourself!  Learn self-defense, get in shape and meet like-minded people while you learn skills that last a lifetime!  All ages and skill levels welcome.

Sign-up today to begin your martial arts journey.